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Friends From

Friends From <br>Antarctica

News and Adventures of Hugo and His Friends Hello Hugo that’s me I want to introduce some big guys just like me,
WEDDELL SEALS, who live on shore ice round Antarctica They dive in icy waters to depths of 2,000 feet ( 610 meters ) they can stay down for up to 45 minutes.

I have been invited to stay with a family of Weddell seals in Antarctica, I’ll have to shop for warm clothes and a special wet suit for those icy waters.

Look forward to seeing you at

Forward To The

Forward To The <br>Past

News and Adventures of Hugo and His Friends My prehistoric adventure through poems, and illustrations, where we will see, and meet my ancestors, who lived millions of years ago, together with some other massively huge FRIEND’S (I hope) How I got there is a mystery,can’t wait for all my friends to join me on this amazing trip.

We will be updating everyone, when poems and illustrations are ready for viewing at SmilingHugo.comFacebookInstagramTwitter I look forward to your company.

Meet Jonathan My
Oldest Friend

Meet Jonathan My <br>Oldest Friend

News and Adventures of Hugo and His Friends The oldest known living animal in the world, Jonathan the tortoise, is going strong at 183 years old. Jonathan, who lives on a small, volcanic island in the South Atlantic called St. Helena, has had an interesting life. He was born in the Seychelles Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is said that in 1882 he was given as a gift to the governor of St. Helena. He remains there today, being looked after and cared for. We wish you well, Jonathan!

Male Emperor

Male Emperor<br> Penguin

About Smiling Hugo- From Author Philip Schwartz In honor of Father’s Day, we bring you some great Emperor Penguin facts from National Geographic children. Both female and male emperor penguins spend their entire lives in Antarctica. Their daily lives consist of breeding, raising their children, and eating. Once the female emperor penguin lays an egg, then the male penguin will take over and balance the baby egg on his feet and will cover it with his feathered skinned pouch. The father emperor penguins will continue balancing the egg for 65 days through very cold weather until the mother emperor penguin comes back after almost two months. A big thank you to all our Papa Penguins out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Why You Should Encourage Your Children To Read Books

Why You Should Encourage Your Children To Read Books

Reading books has various cognitive and development benefits for Children. Here are some stats an facts that will highlight the importance of why Children should be encouraged to read.

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