Poetry for the young, and young at heart

Smiling Hugo is the hero and main character of poems about the beauty of our planet earth and its diversity of both nature and culture. Join in Hugo's adventure by reading our poems in the series of delightful books by Philip Schwartz and illustrator Denis Proulx. Smiling Hugo brings a global, cultural and natural awareness to children of all ages with a positive sunny depiction of all the people, plants and animals that populate our own and only beautiful planet earth.
Sunrise — poems for children in Aventura, FL
Follow Me — poems for children in Aventura, FL
Hurts — poems for children in Aventura, FL
Hugo travels the world and his poetry brings natural and cultural awareness to the young and young at heart. We look forward to hearing from all of Smiling Hugo's fans across the world as he shares his love of the world and all of its diverse and beautiful inhabitants and people. Keep up with the latest news of Smiling Hugo's exploration and adventures at our blog. There you can read the latest news of Hugo's adventures. To purchase the Smiling Hugo books for your child's library, they can be found on Amazon or purchased directly through the site HERE.