Dreams & That’s Nice – “SmilingHugo” place mats

//Dreams & That’s Nice – “SmilingHugo” place mats

Dreams & That’s Nice – “SmilingHugo” place mats


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Place Mat Size : 17″ x 11″

Read a bit before you eat a bit on “SmilingHugo” place mats.

Our high-quality placemats are durable and child-friendly, Manufactured with materials certified not to contain substances noted within the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and California Proposition 65.



Dinnertime with children on the table can be a messy affair. The little ones are known to spill food everywhere; on the table, on themselves, and even on the floor!

This is why children’s placemats are a must-have on the dinner table. The Dreams “SmilingHugo” placemats are made from high-quality material that is both durable and child-friendly.

The great part is, the mat features interactive poems and illustrations on both sides to keep your child’s imagination engaged as they eat. With their attention diverted to the colorful world of Smiling Hugo, you won’t have to worry about food spills or boredom!

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