SmilingHugo Plush Toy

//SmilingHugo Plush Toy

SmilingHugo Plush Toy


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Plush toy is made with all new materials and Washable.

Contents: PA-11893 (CN), OH-53660CN, MA-10022507
Height 11.1/2” — 29.21cm



Looking for the ideal playtime companion for your children?

The SmilingHugo Plush Toy is the perfect choice! The hippo stuffed animal is made from all new material, is washable, and adorable.

Extremely soft and cuddly, the plush toy is bound to become your children favorite after just a single play session. children love toys that are bright and colorful, they naturally gravitate towards toys that look more vibrant and attractive to the eye.

Let the SmilingHugo Plush Toy be the perfect play date for your little one!


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